Recipe Inspiration: Signature Gin Cured Salmon

One of our favourite dishes at Dune Distilling Co that we can't help but share with you to enjoy at home.

A classic, that celebrates both the bright citrus flavours of the Dune Distilling Signature Gin and the natural flavours of fresh fish.

This dish is particularly special to make for a celebratory occasion, dinner party or summer weekend lunch in the backyard.

The dish requires quite a lot of time for the curing so be mindful to prepare your ingredients in plenty of time prior to your event.


Salmon curing mix

1 Side of Salmon - Skin off

1kg of table salt

1kg sugar

Zest of 1 lemon

8 x 30ml shots of Signature Gin


  1. Curing Mix -  Combine sugar, salt, gin, lemon zest and juice in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Prepare Salmon -  With a filleting knife, clean side of salmon and put to one side ready for curing.
  3. Lay a length of cling film longer than your salmon out on a bench
  4. Make a small layer of curing mix on cling film and place salmon on top and cover salmon with remaining curing mix
  5. Wrap salmon as well as possible in cling film and place on a tray in fridge for a minimum 8 hours / maximum 24,  turning salmon over half way through curing time
  6. Remove from fridge, unwrap, rinse with cold water and pat dry
  7. Slice thin with sharp knife and serve


Place slices of Salmon on a gorgeous serving dish and serve with slices of fresh citrus and dollops of citrus sour cream.

A serving of tostadas alongside the salmon is another beautiful way to enjoy this dish.

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